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You have a fencing or a gate and whether it’s new or old, its integrity is affected by the weather. The UV rays from the sun, rain, moisture and even wind causing debris to scrape and scratch will cause wear and tear and over time wreak havoc on your fence’s ability to stand up, open and close and generally cause it to be unstable. Orlando Paint Solutions offers clients the ability to paint or stain your fence to protect it from the harsh conditions of time and weather. We have been in the interior and exterior painting business for decades and we provide excellent feedback for the types of paint suitable for the material of your fencing and gates. By the way, we also provide wood fencing service.

Professional Knowledge
As leading painting contractors in Orlando you can expect our painters to have a high level of professional knowledge about painting procedures as well as types of paint appropriate for your gate and fencing material. Whether you intend to paint or use staining techniques, we have a wide breadth of experience as well as state of the art equipment. Your fencing and gates will be properly prepped beforehand and we always clean up any debris or mess caused by painting. Our pressurized washing tools and spray paint guns are calibrated to provide your fencing will full coverage so that you are not left with blank spaces or missing paint.

Reduce Deterioration
Whether you have painted metal gates, painted wood fencing or stained wood, they all experience some type of deterioration over time from the weather conditions in Orlando. Heavy rains, humidity and the searing heat of the sun as well as UV rays all begin to take their toll. But with a high quality staining process, you can avoid your wood from rotting and reduced the effects of UV rays on wood. Painting can also protect these areas of your property because there are water and mold resistant paints you can apply to reduce the effects of issues like mold and mildew that can wear away at your wood fencing. Some paints are even rust resistant and can aid in combating it in areas where are gates are vulnerable due to moisture.

Customized Appeal
Not everyone wants to look exactly like their neighbors when they are choosing colors for fencing and gates. Just because all your neighbors have a typical white picket fence doesn’t mean you must also settle for the same aesthetic. Orlando Paint Solutions provides customized painting and textures of your fencing and a wide array of choices for your gates. You are literally spoiled for choice when you look at colors because as many colors that are in nature, we have access to provide as well as the ones that are man-made such as metallics and other unique colors. If you can imagine the colors, we can produce it for you to your exact specifications.

Why Hire Us
Orlando Paint Solutions offers efficient and affordable painting and staining of your fencing and gates around your property. This also includes deck painting as well as stripping of surfaces and refinishing. We have decades of experience providing exterior home painting that you can trust to be durable.

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