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Dr. Phillips is full of businesses and houses, making it hard to stand out amongst them. With our painting services, however, you can easily become the best looking house or business on the street. One aspect of our services is how we can completely change the look of a building through our paint. What some property owners don’t realize is how important the color and freshness of your building’s paint is. A professional painting can make your building much more appealing from the street, make it seem much newer than it truly is, and even protect it from potential damage.

Repainting is also essential to protect your buildings from potential damage, including water damage. Since Florida is prone to lots of rain in the summer, a new coat surely can’t hurt. Neglected buildings that aren’t repainted can turn into thousands of dollars in repairs, which no one ever wants to see. With our large arsenal of paints, we can protect your home from potential water damage while also completely changing how your house looks on both the inside and outside. Of course, if you wish to keep your building’s original colors we can also simply paint over, keeping the same color. Any of our accomplished painters will follow any requests you have to ensure you are satisfied with our work.

We stand apart from other painting companies thanks to our experienced employees and commitment to providing exceptional work. Out of other local painters, we always strive to leave you happy you hired us while also leaving behind a beautifully painted structure. When you hire a painter you expect quality work done in a short amount of time, so you can get back to business as usual. We always manage to finish our job as soon as possible while still maintaining professional level work. We are always striving to be the best in the business, so if you live in Dr. Phillips and find yourself in need of a painter, do not hesitate to contact Orlando Paint Solutions. We will do our absolute best to provide you with an unbeatable paint job that will last for years to come.

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