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​At some point in your property ownership painting will be a necessary part of repairs and maintenance. There are even times when you’re simply just ready for a change of design and you want to change the mood of your rooms in the home or your commercial property. but these are efforts that also take up a great deal of time.

Though painting can improve your quality of life, it’s not an easy or fast task when you try to do it yourself. Rather than struggling with figuring out the right colors and textures and purchasing equipment you will only use once or twice, it’s a far better investment in your resources and time to hire a professional painting contractor. Orlando Paint Solutions has a wide variety of services to create stunning effects for your interior and exterior of your property.

About Us
As a leading painting contractor in the region, we offer clients a wealth of knowledge to make informed decisions about their painting needs. We have been working in the Orlando region for decades and as a staple in the community and house painting and commercial painting industry, we understand the value of curb appeal as well as the ability for color and texture to change the look and mood of your property. This is why we are feted as a top rated painting contractor. Orlando Paint Solutions takes great pride in possess knowledge of advances in painting technologies as well as our commitment to clients by continuous upgrading of our skills and tools so that you enjoy and efficient and fast painting procedure.

Our Services

If you are seeking a broad range of services for the painting of your interior and exterior property, we are able to provide you with painting contractors that conduct exceptional workmanship. Whether you are commercial or residential property owners, you will have the benefit of knowing that your painter is accomplished in stucco, drywall, pool deck resurfacing, boat deck painting, as well as garage door and floor painting and more. Orlando may have a host of people who are house painters and commercial property painters, but few have the state of the art equipment and skill level to accomplish our stunning results.

Painting interior
Your home is your castle and it deserves upgrades and improvements to keep it looking its best. Painting tasks can do just that. Our painting contractors are highly skilled and are able to transform your residential property into the vision you’re seeking with color and texture. We only use durable and high quality products to ensure that the task is completed to perfection.
commercial painting
As a commercial property owner you know that location and looks of your property matter or you could very well be dissuading customers from coming to your doorstep. No one wants to see unsightly peeling and chipping paint on your exterior or interior. Orlando Paint Solutions has the answers to the challenging dilemma of painting with durable products and we can provide exceptional feedback on your choice of color and textures, whether it is exterior, interior or fences or gates. Give us a call today for a consultation so that your bottom line doesn’t take a hit from poor paint labor.

“We needed our beautiful wood doors stripped and refinished and we saw all of the great reviews and decided to give Orlando Paint Solutions a call. The doors look fantastic.” – Kathy T.

Interior painting service
If you exterior matters, then you know for sure that your interior does as well. You’ve spent many years with the same chipping paint and it’s depressing you, but Orlando Paint Solutions is here to provide you with expertise to transform your interior into your perfect vision. We have the skills and wide knowledge base to provide direction for color and paint types so that you end with an interior paint job that is durable and stunning.
Painting Exterior
You don’t need to enlist friends or hire amateurs to climb ladders, buy paint or rent spray paint guns to paint the stucco of your home. Our exterior house painters are exceptionally talented and knowledge about a wide range paints and techniques that are suitable for the exterior of your home or commercial property. Whether you require outside door painting, pool deck resurfacing, garage door or floor painting, or even boat deck painting, we are here to provide you with high quality services you can rely on to look good long after the labor is complete.

“It was just too exhausting to paint rooms again ourselves. We just didn’t have the energy and we wanted to just pay and relax. We don’t regret it for a minute because everything turned out perfect.” – Craig W.

painting fence and gate
Your fencing and gates no doubt service a purpose of protection but they should also still look good to maintain your curb appeal. Your home is an investment and your fencing and gates are part of the equation that should be well maintained. Painting them offers them the protection they need from the harsh heat of the sun that can fade colors and UV rays that can do the same. Even heavy rain and high winds can contribute to the deterioration of your fencing and gates if left without paint to protect them.
wood finishing
You’ve always imagined owning the perfect home and now you do and it even has a wood fence. But you must protect it from the elements of Orlando weather. The heavy rain, wind and humity take a tool on wood fencing and without staining, you could find yourself re-investing in your wood fencing. Orlando Paint Solutions has top rated workmanship for striping and refinishing wood fencing and our staining procedures are unbeatable.
“Orlando Paint Solutions did such a great job in our dinning room that we decided to hire them for the entire house and it looks terrific. They didn’t miss a spot. ” – Delores D.
​You don’t just want a good house painter, you also want to be treated with respect and experience high quality customer service. That means hiring a painter that keeps appointment, returns phone calls in a timely fashion and doesn’t keep you waiting on hold for long unbearable minutes. You are our first priority and we take great pride in the painting service we provide to the Orlando region. We are known as a top rated painting contractor that has exceptional skill and your can depend upon our reliable services. Give us a call today for an appointment or email us, send a message on social media or instant message us online.